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August 2007

Every Friday home game features live music before the game starts. The month of August provides two of Louisville’s most popular and prolific musicians stepping up to the microphone. Peter Searcy (below,left), whose newly released album Spark has been garnering much attention, will play Aug. 10, and danny flanigan and his six-piece band the rain chorus will pour in on Aug. 24.

There are few better ways to spend a summer evening than watching a baseball game at Slugger Field. Louisville Magazine has rounded up some handy hints and trivia from that incognito insider, Buddy Bat, to add to your diamond knowledge.

1] The Bats’ locker room is equipped with a pool table, foosball table and a ping-pong table. Pitcher Bobby Livingston is an insanely good ping-pong player.

2] Buddy showers with Lysol — he goes through a can a week.

3] Teams play on the ball field’s original grass (bluegrass) laid down in 2000 (many ball parks start with new grass each year).

4] It makes Buddy really happy when fans do the wave.

5] Sections 104 and 105 along the right field line are the best for catching foul balls.

6] Buddy signs more autographs than any ballplayer.

7] Jake the Diamond Dog’s favorite spot to fertilize the grass is right field.

8] Buddy’s shoes weigh four pounds each.

9] If you sit along the first-base line, you are guaranteed to have the sun in your eyes till it sets.

10] Buddy’s pick for the tastiest concession stand snack: chili cheese fries.

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